Friday, December 24, 2010

Why SEO is important

Why SEO is important

Search Engine Optimisation is changing into one in every of the fastest growing selling methodologies. As a lot of businesses flip to the net to sell their services and product, it becomes important for them to plug themselves properly on the planet Wide net. allow us to investigate how SEO may be the flip key issue for selling your web site.

A lot of companies believe that a mere presence on the net is nice enough to induce a lot of customers. However, the reality is extremely totally different. ancient ways of selling have trusted toil of execs who are champions in formulating ways, having a solid set up - B and knowing their target markets. whereas the strategic bases of the standard ways are the same as that of SEO, the mediums of selling are terribly totally different. allow us to discuss regarding the most variations.

A traditional selling technique like advertising on news papers or magazines reaches a restricted audience owing to numerous factors like readership, popularity, business markets and therefore on. Moreover, tracing back to a billboard may be terribly troublesome when a amount of your time. Also, the value may be a really huge think about some cases as limitations are imposed on the dimensions of the text or photos. Such limitations will hardly paint the total image of the business and hence the possibilities of losing out on a client are high. Now, allow us to see how doing SEO on a web site may be a plus. the web site will hold plenty a lot of data regarding the business. Putting it at the highest of Google in itself acts as a measurement of credibility, which might have a positive psychological impact on your audience. That proven fact that the web site is at the highest of the pile speaks volumes regarding its excellence and goes an extended manner in making sensible can. Thus, it may be instrumental in giving your business a lift. With SEO a wider audience may be reached and therefore the desires of the purchasers may be measured. this will underpin future ways to plug a web site. With tools like Google Analytics, goals may be set and achieved and success rates may be measured.

To market your business, you'll resort to decision calling, telesales and therefore on. However, with SEO the situation is totally totally different. When a web site reaches the highest of the pile, it's automatically found by customers searching for the service, when looking out on totally different search engines. Hence, the chance to induce business could be a heap a lot of.

If a business considers its web site the engine that moves it forward, then SEO will o.k. be thought of the engine oil. a decent SEO professional will act because the mechanic during this context.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How to Become an SEO Expert

How to Become an SEO Expert

Do you have a website, a quality product but need targeted traffic. Search engine optimization is the foundation of getting organic traffic to any site or blog. Today were going to discuss several simple yet powerful ways of making your site SEO friendly and getting you that targeted traffic you need.

1) If you want your website to rank high in the search enginesyou must have quality, fresh content that is updated regularly. If you are using a blog this will be easier because most blog platforms update automatically after every post. Search engines love fresh content, in order for you to succeed you must constantly be updating and adding quality relevant content to your site or blog. These are the sites that get the most attention from the search engines, plus you will have a large following of regularly returning visitors. If your site never changes or isn't very useful that gives no one a reason to return, there goes your traffic.

2) You must remember also that to achieve success online takes hard work and time. Nothing happens overnight so put that thought out of your head now. In addition to content you need inbound links from other relevant sites. Start a reciprocal link exchange directory that is categorized and exchange as many relevant links with preferably high page rank sites and blogs as possible. You also want inbound one way links, these are links pointing to you that you do not have to add a link on your site to theirs.

3) When you have focused on your SEO strategies you then need to worry about getting traffic. There are a few very effective ways of doing this.
a) Article marketing, write and submit your niche related article to popular directories. This establishes you as an expert in your field as well as gives you valuable back links to your site.
b) Forum posting and blog commenting. Make relevant comments in forums and on high page rank blogs, this allows you to leave your link, once again giving you back links.
c) Free ad classifieds, this has to be done on an ongoing and regular basis to work. For example if you post several ads with craigslist (a page rank 7 site) at the least you get the back links.

These strategies will give you site exposure as well as back links to your site. In order to rank high in the search engines you need as many links as possible. This will give you a steady stream of targeted traffic coming to your offers.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Advanced SEO Techniques

Advanced SEO Techniques

There are 3 rules that you MUST follow to make your site a success.

1. Only target keywords that are receiving traffic

2. Only target keywords that have a commercial value.

3. Target keywords with a low enough competition.

These 3 rules may seem obvious, but it is because one or all of them are ignored that so many sites fail.

SEO is the art of getting traffic to your site by optimising the on page content and off page links to your site.

1. Keyword Research: Need to brainstorm exactly what your target market is typing into Google. All Search Engine Optimisation starts here. Good keyword research is a vital factor in SEO

2. Create a Local Business Listing. With this you should easily be able to get highly ranked for your business and your local area. (If you aren't running a conventional business with a specific geographical location, then this will not be necessary)

3. Link Building. Probably the most important part.

Create a large number of powerful backlinks to your site.

4. RSS feeds. The majority of websites, directories and blogs have RSS feeds. If they don't then they can be created. These need to be submitted to the top 40 or so feed directories. These feed directories themselves have feeds which can be submitted! Feeds only need to be submitted once and automatically update

Creating blogs, articles and feeds produces a large network of linking, gives your optimisation a backbone, then whenever content is added within the network the feeds are automatically updated. Google loves it.

5. Publish Press Releases. Each time you launch a new product or service, or just have an announcement then get it out as a press release. PR sites vary, some are free some you have to pay for but they are another great source of traffic and link juice.

6. Bookmark site pages, blogs and articles on the social bookmarking scene.

7. Utilise Twitter and Facebook to continue building reputation and customers. Twitter is just going to grow and grow, would be mad not to start using it properly right now. This can be automated to an extent.

8. If you aren't already doing this then start building a list (email list - customers and potential customers). Would be a good idea to have a monthly newsletter for your customers, another great way to maintain contact and create a long term relationship with your customers, as well as informing them of any news in your sector or company. This would have to be an 'opt-in' list where the customers click a link to confirm they want to join the list. This eliminates any accusations of SPAM, and there will be an 'unsubscribe' link with every message sent.

9. Then there are the on-page factors. This would include tweaking the content to optimise for a particular keyword. Employing 'nofollow' tags in your pages to control the flow of page rank, for instance putting a 'nofollow' tag on links to your T's and C's would stop any page rank flowing to this page, but would still allow customers to click on it and view it.

We can also manage all the content for you. Write articles, blogs, site content, newsletters....anything! You may wish to do this yourself, and that is good too!



p.s. Most Important SEO Tip:

If I could give one piece of advice to anyone serious about optimising their website it would be to add one page of unique content everyday! This may seem a little daunting, and if you haven't the time then at least add some new content to your site or blog everyday. The search engines love unique content, and they love a site which continues to grow.

Mark Boardman BSc dip.hyp is a leading author and expert on Advanced SEO Techniques. For more information visit his blog. Feel free to visit both these sites.

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